If you want to know why you're a woman

It's cause you don't want to be a man 

Yeah, just wanna have one

You know I have fantasies about you 

Laying down, saying 

Just come on 

You can't be that unkind 

Playing tricks on my mind

I just steal away 

Robbing by the bleachers 

Watch the door slam in my face 

I think a brick is cracking 

I think a window's broken 

I see your face in every feature 

Your hand in every glove 

Girls don't wanna be a man, just want to have one 

You know I'm captured in your theater 

And I still don't know what goes on below 

But if you got to be with him

I'll say goodbye 

You wonder why I'm a man 

Oh, cause I don't want to be a woman 

I just wanna have one

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